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Blog: Cocopí
Descripción: Experiencias personales de mis viajes, recomendaciones, comida, vino y mi vida en general


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Últimas entradas de este blog

Sunset In Essaouira + Giveaway
Blog: Cocopí
Even though I fell completely in love with Fes while visiting Morocco back in 2009, I know I need to return to Essaouira some day. After several days in the rain far away from the sea, we found ourselves in the coastal town of Essaouira, also known as “Wind City of Africa”. Suddenly we could feel the sun shine on our faces and smell the sea (and the fishies!). Besides the laid-back and kind of alternative atmosphere, I can’t remember much more than what the few photos I have re ...
On A Boat In Gran Canaria
Blog: Cocopí
Although the last few days have been gorgeous here in Seville, a few weeks ago it seemed incredible that just a two-hours-and-something flight away, awaits a tropical paradise (where, instead of just dreaming about bikinis, I could actually wear one!)- the Canary Islands. I’ve been to several of the islands before (Lanzarote, Tenerife and Gran Canaria), and last week I went with my best friend, yet again, to the south of Gran Canaria, Anfi del Mar, to be exact. To make the vacation a bit d ...
Acacia Swimwear Collection 2014
Blog: Cocopí
Last year through Instagram, I discovered what would turn out to become one of my favorite bikini brands; Acacia Swimwear. After dreaming about wearing one (yes, seriously… my bikini obsession is that bad) for some time, I decided to finally get one last summer. The second I opened the package, I fell in love; the quality and fit are outstanding, and the prints are gorgeous. (But beware! They are minimal!) Ever since, my Acacia collection has been steadily growing, especially since the 201 ...
Ipanema By Day And Dusk
Blog: Cocopí
How to describe the legendary Brazilian beach Ipanema? I’d say… coconuts (duh), bikini sellers, beautiful people everywhere, luxury hotels, and amazing light right before sunset. Although we stayed at Copacabana, several days we took the 30 minutes-or-so walk up to Ipanema. I personally preferred it over Copacabana; it is more modern, has those peculiar mountains in the background, and ahem… veeery handsome surfers. There is also a big rock next to the beach where you can go up ...
Fes: Orange Juice, Tanneries and Dogs
Blog: Cocopí
These past few months I haven’t been traveling a lot (except for a few trips to Norway), so I’ve been trying to remember some of the trips I did before I started this blog. In January 2009 I traveled for two weeks around Morocco (I love, love, love Morocco!), visiting Fes, Rabat, Essaouira and Marrakech, traveling by bus and train. Now, because of my blog, whenever I travel I write down every single name, place and detail, just in case I want to write about it here. So… I have ...
The Cosmetic Wonders Of Coconut Oil
Blog: Cocopí
So I’m going to tell you something that may shock you. I love coconuts. (Well, it might not come as a shock since my blog is named after coconuts.) I love the smell, the taste, and just what it symbolizes…. Sun, beaches, exotic destinations… Aaaa… OK, back to the real world. Now there is one thing I have no idea how I could live without before… coconut oil! Apart from using the cold-pressed extra virgin kind in smoothies and for making my protein pancakes, the varie ...
My Travel Wish List 2014
Blog: Cocopí
Hey-ho, happy new year! I know, I know… I’m a bit late. Until what date is it actually acceptable to wish someone a happy new year? I have no idea what 2014 will look like for me, but hopefully it will be filled with travels. And blogging! So what better way to start the new year than with a travel wish list? I’m starting off with the destinations which are more or less certain, and then continue to the once that are probably a bit out of my league. Let’s get to dreaming! ...
Bikini Collections 2014
Blog: Cocopí
Summer is officially over, and fall has made its arrival even here in sunny Seville. While I know I probably should be excited and browse through fall and winter clothing, the truth is, I can’t stop looking at the previews of the next year’s swimwear collections. So far I’m loving what I’ve seen, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one (OK, let’s be honest, several) of these. There are still a few fringe bikinis to be seen, but I can’t be the only one wh ...
Bahia De Las Aguilas: A Real Dominican Paradise
Blog: Cocopí
Are you one of those who think that there’s not much more to the Dominican Republic than huge all-inclusive resorts? Well, you’re wrong. Unfortunately way too few tourists get to know this side of this beautiful half-island (the other half of Hispaniola is Haiti), which is filled with natural wonders such as waterfalls, rivers and mountains. And let’s not forget about all those deserted beaches! One of these beaches is the 7 km. long paradisical Bahía de las Águilas (Eagles Bay ...
Hiking Up Morro Da Urca
Blog: Cocopí
Although some people may try to tell you otherwise, there are still many amazing things you can do for free when traveling. One of the famous tourist attractions in Rio de Janeiro is Pão de Açúcar, or as it’s called in English, Sugarloaf, is one you can do almost for free. You can at least see it pretty close up by hiking up the hill next to it, Morro da Urca. I personally refused to go up to the Sugarloaf because of my fear of heights. So as you may imagine, cable cars aren’t my ide ...
First Day of Summer
Blog: Cocopí
Last week we finally got a nice, full summer day in Norway. And not a day too early since the day before, Jose arrived from Spain. Norway truly was at its best behaviour; twenty-something degrees, sun and smelling like summer. I had a few days off from work, and on Thursday we went down to Rødtangen (a few hours south of Oslo), to the family of my brother-in-law’s summer house, to celebrate my super cute nephew’s second birthday. That meant lots of food, one of the best cakes I’ ...
Between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean
Blog: Cocopí
When Jose and I went diving a few weeks ago, we arrived Tarifa a few hours earlier so we could walk around the town, and relax for a few hours on the beach. Tarifa is part of Costa de la Luz and the province of Cádiz. It is actually the most southern point of Europe, only 15 kilometres away from Morocco. Awesome. Because of the strong winds from the Strait of Gibraltar, Tarifa is a very popular destination for windsurfing and surfing. Luckily it wasn’t so windy when we went, so we had a gr ...
Cow Salutation
Blog: Cocopí
(All you yogis out there will get my joke. Ha. Ha.) A week ago I arrived in Norway, and I’m staying here aaaall summer (and some). The last week has just been work, eat, sleep, eat, sleep, work, sleep, sleep, eat, eat… You get the point. I’m still not used to this working stuff… Oh, how spoiled us students are! Luckily I have some things more or less prepared that I still haven’t posted yet from when my life wasn’t as monotonous, so don’t worry, this wil ...
Diving in Tarifa
Blog: Cocopí
I have an enormous respect for water, so when Jose gave me an “Introduction to Diving” as a birthday present, I screamed of joy and shivered of fear. Well, almost. So last Friday we took a forever-ending bus drive down to Tarifa, Cádiz, and started our adventure. The company we dived with was called Explora Cádiz, and we both found them very professional and friendly. They offer many different courses, not only our short crash course, so I would imagine they would be a good choice fo ...
La Alpujarra: Pampaneira and Capileira
Blog: Cocopí
You know when you go somewhere that you kind of imagined was alright, and then you are completely blown away? And you think “Why on earth hasn’t anyone really recommended this to me or told me how pretty it is?”.  It doesn’t happen to me a lot because usually I do a bit of research before going somewhere, and then I either imagine it’s pretty, and it is, or I get disappointed. One of those few times happened two weeks ago when I went for a day trip up to La Alpujarr ...
Magnetic Nail Polish by Deliplus
Blog: Cocopí
I am really bad at taking care of my nails, even though I keep reading over and over how important your nails are for giving a good first impression, and I keep telling myself that I should start taking better care of my nails. My problem is that I am horrible at putting on nail polish, and I always mess it up. So for me, doing my nails takes several hours. Sigh. And it’s seems like lately all of my friends from the university make the coolest and most creative designs on their nails, and ...
“Study trip” to Nerja
Blog: Cocopí
As I mentioned in my last post, last week I went for a few days with my parents to Nerja, a coastal town in the eastern part of Málaga province. I don’t need much more than a beach to be happy, but I usually find these tourist-y seaside towns to be very alike. Nerja was charming though. It has of course your usual tourist shops up and down the promenades, and the typical restaurants with old, faded photos of foods as menus (Whyyy do they do that??!!), but it seemed to have kept some of its ...
Restaurante La Dalia
Blog: Cocopí
My last week has been seriously great. First, my parents flew down from Norway, and I spent the weekend with them. That meant eating out (oh joy!)… at La Estraza (of course), and we also tried out a restaurant close to La Alameda de Hércules (Calle Trajano 44 to be more specific) called Restaurante La Dalia. I’ve been wanting to go there for some time, and I wasn’t disappointed! The sirloin was excellent, as well as their potatoes with alioli (they were very close to the best o ...
Restaurante La Dalia
Blog: Cocopí
My last week has been seriously great. First, my parents flew down from Norway, and I spent the weekend with them. That meant eating out (oh joy!)… at La Estraza (of course), and we also tried out a restaurant close to La Alameda de Hércules (Calle Trajano 44 to be more specific) called Restaurante La Dalia. I’ve been wanting to go there for some time, and I wasn’t disappointed! The sirloin was excellent, as well as their potatoes with alioli (they were very close to the best o ...
Mallorca – Beaches, hotels and nightlife!
Blog: Cocopí
It’s already been 3 weeks since I was in Mallorca, so it’s about time that I post some more from the very fun trip. As I’ve already mentioned before, it was a perfect weekend where we celebrated Ivón’s birthday. We just saw the South and the South-East part of the island, and I realize Mallorca has so much more to offer than what I’m posting here, but that’s just another reason for going back, isn’t it? The Beaches Playa s’Arenal: Playa s’Are ...

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A continuación se detallan todas las categorías de los Blogs

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