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Blog: No without chocolate
Descripción: Blog de moda personal


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Blog: No without chocolate
Buenos días chic@s!!!Antes de nada, como ayer os avisaba en mi instagram (@angiewhitey), en el post de hoy os traigo una sopresita especial!!! al final del post podréis encontrarla!!! espero que os guste <3.Aquí tenéis el post de mis vacaciones de este verano en Barcelona, os mostraré los lugares que más me gustaron de los que estuve.El primer día estuvimos disfrutando de un buen vermuth en una terraza que está a pie de playa en la Barce ...
Blog: No without chocolate
Hi hi!!!How is it going?? the summertime is almost done, are you ready to be back to the routine?? or maybe you are now packing to enjoy you holiday, in this case I hope you have a really good time!.Well babes, this was the outfit what I wore in the special dinner in Barcelona.We were having dinner in a chic restaurant called Bench, you can watch it here.When we arrived to the restaurant my first impression that I had was that it looked like Sex and the City restaurant, super chic and with a lov ...
Blog: No without chocolate
Aloha!!!I love the flowered print clothes even more in summer, this skirt has been in my wardrobe for a long time, something like 3 years or more..., I was completely in love with it when I bought it but months later... I did´nt feel that love anymore....One day, looking for other stuff in my closet, I found this skirt and suddenly I felt in love again! <3, the truth is that is a nice an easy garment to wear and makes a lovely lady look.I just wanted to wear a little bag and a nice lady ...
Blog: No without chocolate
Hi hi!!Here is one of my beachtime outfit, despite of we are in summertime and we are living in the south.... we have had several cold days at the begining of August.I though that in Malaga the weather was warm, unless... more than in Bacelona or almost the same.... but for my surprise the two first days, we were so cold that we needed  to wear on a jacket in the night... I don´t remember a summer like this one...Because of that situation I´m wearing a shirt, but I can say that ...
Blog: No without chocolate
Hi ladies!!!There you are other summer outfit from my trip to Barcelona.I bought this red dress a long time ago and now I wear it on more often than ever, is perfect for the summer and I love the form of the back that it has.Is really comfortable and in spite of is quite simple, the clue is wear on a nice belt like this one.Is other example about the simple clothes makes great outfit, and you just only need add nice complements for a good result.As you know I´m in love with these pair of h ...
Blog: No without chocolate
Hi ladies!!!!I´m back in Seville after my summer holiday!!.I really enjoyed those days with friends and also a few days with my family, I needed relax and I´m happy because I get it! now I feel my energy is full!.I would like do a post with my trip to Barcelona, but I have to think about how to do it, because I want to show you part of my daily days there and the nice places and restaurants in where we were.I always said that Barcelona is one of my  favourites cities in Spain, i ...
Blog: No without chocolate
Hey sweeties!How´s it going?? me, thinking about how to pack all the things that I want to bring in my suitcase!! I have to pack for two different destinations, the first stop is Barcelona and the next one is Málaga.Both are cities with coast so... I can think about beach outfits and also stylish.When I´m getting ready for a Barcelona travel in summer I use to think about summery clothes but with touch different, vibrant colours, super cool and trendy clothes... but for a prop ...
Blog: No without chocolate
Hi everyone!!Today starts other week and for me starts other timetable too... you know that I has been in English conversations lessons during the last three weeks, but now it´s´s so sad! :(  I used to say to my friends that I was completly happy from Monday to Thursday since 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm because I have fun talking and learning English but also because I have met really nice people and I has passed a really good time there!.Now my friends ask to me about the l ...
Blog: No without chocolate
Good morning guys!!!Long time ago, I have been looking for a denim shirt... you could think that is a strange thing because this kind of shirt is in all the shops now, but... the truth is that it hasn´t been easy this search... .Beacuse of I wanted one with a usual shirt collar and with two frontal pocket, in the latest times I always found differents shirts with other design as usual, and other point to take into acount... I didn´t want spend too much money in it.So in the end I get ...
Blog: No without chocolate
We know that the fabric jeans is a basic trend in our closet, this year the trend alert to the fabric jeans is focus specially in jumpsuit and shirts.This also was trendy around the 90´s and as a good trend always goes around and comes around... .Is for this reason that is very difficult for me to give clothes, because I think that in the following years I will use it again!.My dress of today has a lot of time and I can´t say when I bought it but is from Suiteblanco... the only one t ...

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