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Blog: Forever Betis
Descripción: Blog en inglés sobre el Real Betis Balompié. An English-speaking Real Betis community


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Últimas entradas de este blog

Bowing out gracefully: the epilogue
Blog: Forever Betis
I have to admit that when the first comments about my "final" post last Sunday started coming in I found them so hard to read that I actually stopped looking at them - which means that just now is the first time I've sat down and gone through every word. All I can say is thank you to everyone for your kind words, and especially for taking the trouble - every one of you - to say so much more than, "Ta, mate - see you around." It's genuinely, deeply appreciated. There ...
2013/14: The Verdict
Blog: Forever Betis
For a quick review of the season, I thought I might as well copy the format used in The Observer, which asked a fan from each Premier League club to submit a report. So, here goes... Real Betis: 1/10 Personally, I think it all started to go wrong from the second game of the season. After a very encouraging kick-off at the Bernabeu, where Pepe Mel's Betis gave Real Madrid a real fright before losing 2-1 to a late Isco goal, in the first half of the Benito Villamarín opener we absolutely batt ...
Spring cleaning
Blog: Forever Betis
With the season officially over for the first team - apart from one or two low-key friendlies around Andalucía - the new technical secretary Alexis Trujillo is getting on with the business of stripping away the dead wood. (Let's hope he's got an axe - he's going to need it.) First to be officially on their way are rather disappointing four-month coach Gaby Calderón (apparently returning to the United Arab Emirates), very disappointing goalkeeper Guille Sara (probably heading back ...
How it happened
Blog: Forever Betis
Apologies for what they call "yesterday's extended outage", which was due to Typepad's continuing battles with hackers. Better late than never come highlights from Sunday's game, in which Betis got off to their usual terrible start but clearly gave it the old college try thereafter. All the action after Osasuna's second is at the other end, including a rather good goal from very occasional scorer Javi Chica. ...
Not Safe For Football
Blog: Forever Betis
This is a more spectacular view of the wall collapsing in Pamplona yesterday - truly terrifying.   ...
Osasuna 2-1 Real Betis
Blog: Forever Betis
When I was ranting about the pitiful state of Spanish football earlier today, there were a few things, I remembered afterwards, I'd forgotten to mention. The everyday racism - have you seen this from yesterday, for example - which goes completely untackled; the corruption, which is simply swept under the carpet (put it this way: if I know that Levante-Deportivo in 2013 and Real Unión-Hercules in 2010 were fixed then surely the authorities do...); and finally, the appalling lack of security ...
Preview: Osasuna v. Real Betis (6pm)
Blog: Forever Betis
A curious thing about the Betis 11 for the last game of this interminable season - Adán, Juanfran, Paulao, Figueras, Perquis, Chica, N'Diaye, Matilla, Salva Sevilla, Cedrick and Rubén Castro - is that there's a chance no more than one or two will be around for the start of next season. (Although I did just read an interesting story pointing out that new technical secretary Alexis Trujillo is from the same neighbourhood of the Canary Islands' city of  Las Palmas as Rubén Castro, wh ...
Bowing out gracefully
Blog: Forever Betis
We need to talk. You'll have to trust me on this, but I've spent the last six months agonising about the decision I only took definitively last night - which I just mention because I don't want anyone to think this came easily. However, to cut to the chase, this evening's game at Osasuna is the very last one I'm planning to cover on the blog. Once we've tidied up a few loose ends - including a brief report of tonight's likely defeat, I guess - that's it fo ...
Advancing the cause
Blog: Forever Betis
While I work out how to get to the cinema without passing with half a mile of the centre of Seville tonight, could someone explain how come, with no fewer than THREE referees within ten yards of the penalty spot, not one of them could see how far Beto was coming off his line? ...
Postcard from hell
Blog: Forever Betis
You know all those times when you've envied me for living in Seville, la ciudad del Betis? Well, tonight's the night when you get your own back. The city has been hell for Béticos all day, with Sevillistas wearing their shirts to work, to the supermarket and to the damn doctor's, and I suspect it's about to get worse, with kick-off in Turin just 20 minutes away. And if they goa nd win the game, well, god forbid. I've been scouring the listings for something to do that� ...

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