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Blog: Window on The Sky
Descripción: Astronomía


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The Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO)
Blog: Window on The Sky
The Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO) was known as the Anglo-Australian Observatory until involvement of the United Kingdom in it ceased in June 2010, however the Telescope itself is still called the Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT) with a 3.9-metre mirror, not big for today´s standard, nevertheless it is a top facility for investigation and research in Astronomy, managed by the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education.The Observatory focuses on ...
Venus, Jupiter, the Moon & Regulus 2015-07-18
Blog: Window on The Sky
Last Saturday there was a spectacular sight on the Venus, Jupiter, the Moon and the bright star of Leo Regulus were seen close by in the sky. They all fit within a circle of about less than four degrees in diameter or approximately two finger-widths at an arm’s length.Location of Photos: Umbrete, Spain.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Venus, Júpiter, la Luna y Regulus 2015-07-18El pasado sábado hubo una espectacular vista ...
NASA’s New Horizons Discovers Frozen Plains in the Heart of Pluto’s ‘Heart’
Blog: Window on The Sky
Right on the Centre of the informally named “Tombaugh Regio” NASA´s New Horizons has discovered a big region without craters, a plain that appears to be no more than 100 million years old and which is still in the process of geological formation, the region is located to the north of the icy mountains on Pluto and has been given the informal name of Sputnik Planum or Sputnik Plain.This area is land looks to be divided into irregularly-shaped segments and they appear to be encir ...
A Surprisingly Young Charon
Blog: Window on The Sky
Charon has turned out to be surprisingly young in its geology and with a varied terrain as it has been revealed in detail with this new remarkable image from the New Horizons’ Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) which was taken late on July 13, 2015 from a distance of 466,000 kilometres away.A band of cliffs and troughs running left to right for about a 1.000 kilometres subjects a widespread fracturing of Charon’s crust, which may be due to internal processes. Also in the upper ...
The Pluto Mountains
Blog: Window on The Sky
The New Horizon mission has been a success the new close-up images from a region near Pluto’s equator show us a surprise, a range of youthful mountains which are as high as 3,500 meters, these mountains are likely to has formed no more than 100 million years ago which makes them very young compared to the 4.56-billion-year age of the solar system and appears to be still active as today as pointed out by Geology, Geophysics and Imaging (GGI) team leader Jeff Moore of NASA’s Ames Resea ...
Preview image of Pluto´s encounter
Blog: Window on The Sky
New Horizons had its closest approach with Pluto at 11:50 UTC just a few minutes ago congratulations, a great step for humankind, this image is a preview of the encounter tonite more information will be reveal.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------New Horizons tuvo su máximo acercamiento con Plutón a las 11:50 UTC hace escasos minutos enhorabuena, una gran paso para la humanidad, esta es una imagen previa del acercamiento e ...
Latest size measurements of Pluto and Charon
Blog: Window on The Sky
Yesterday on a very interesting conference of NASA to the press the size of Pluto and Charon were confirmed they now stand at 2370 km in diameter for Pluto 18.5% that of Earth's and for Charon a diameter of 1208 km. Pluto is slightly bigger than previously thought of but it also implies to be lighter in density.Alan Stern said that his generation saw Apollo and made people go into technological careers later the 80s created internet and other creative inventions as a consequence of the spirit of ...
Tomorrow is the day
Blog: Window on The Sky
Tomorrow is the day, in less than 24 hours New Horizons will encounter Pluto and the communication channels will be open, information will be sent and at last the distant world will reveal itself as never before seen. New images had been coming these days, each one showing more unprecedented data than the one before, this is a true historical moment for space exploration and the human race.The new pictures from the 12 of July show us, chasms, craters, and a dark north polar region in the biggest ...
Geology features in Pluto revealed
Blog: Window on The Sky
New image of Pluto has revealed with some clarity for the first time its geological features, this picture just came in and was taken on July 9, 2015 from 5.4 million kilometers away. This image was taken by New Horizons’ Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) the space probe is getting so close now that it can show distinct geological features already as it is demonstrated here.One of these features has a polygonal shape, also there is also a complex band of terrain stretching east-nort ...
Pluto and New Horizons a decade travelling will pay off in days
Blog: Window on The Sky
Clyde TombaughIt has been almost a decade since the launch of New Horizons, January 19, 2006 19:00 UTC from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station carried by an Atlas V rocket. This far away world was discovered in 1930, we know it is out there but not know much of how it is and what surprises it will bring us, something that will change forever in a couple of days, if all goes well, on July 14 we will know, however one thing is assured, there will be surprises for sure.Pluto or the idea of a “p ...

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